If you only play at licensed UK online casinos and follow the operator's terms and conditions, it is unlikely you will ever have reason to open an official dispute.

Frequent disputes between operator and players are ID verification, source of wealth, and wagering bonus money on restricted games. In most cases, you will have learnt an expensive lesson if you have deliberately (or even accidentally) broken the rules, however, if you feel your funds are unjustly seized, help is at hand.

If you joined any licensed UK casino through this site, you might be covered by our Deposit Guarantee up to £500


Make an official complaint using the dedicated e-mail address which can be found in the terms and conditions of the operator's website.

In most cases, you will need to send a complaint from your registered e-mail address. Fully detail your complaint, include your username and postal address.

Important Notes

  • It is prohibited to use false registration information, register multiple accounts or use a payment method which belongs to a third party. Your complaint will unlikely be considered if you have done any of these
  • If you have previously self-excluded at a linked or 'sister site' of a casino, then the operator is under no obligation to pay winnings. You should receive your most recent deposit(s) back along with details of when your exclusion period is over
  • Using threatening behaviour or strong language in any correspondence with the operator will likely harm your case. Being polite and respectful throughout the complaint process sometimes breaks a stalemate
  • The use of a VPN or other IP changing software is never allowed at UK casinos
  • Attempting a 'charge-back' with financial institutions will cause serious implications for the player and may lead to fraud investigations with police involvement


If you are unsatisfied by the response of the operator to your official complaint, you have the option of referring the dispute to a nominated Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. In most situations, this is a free service, although some may charge a fee which will you will be informed of at the start of proceedings.

The Gambling Commission has approved the ADR entities below for Alternative Dispute Resolution for consumer disputes in the UK.

  • eCOGRA - Tel: +44 (0)20 7887 1480
  • IBAS - Tel: +44 (0)20 7347 5883

Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly
Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly

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