Casinoquest only includes gambling operators who are actively licensed by the Gambling Commission, provide high levels of customer service and have a nominated ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) entity.

Nevertheless, in the unlikely event, your funds are unjustly seized by an operator, and you have joined through any link on our website or App, we will refund your last deposit up to £500 within 28 days - no questions asked!

If you deposit at any casino on Casinoquest, you can do so with complete confidence. No matter if you play slots or live table games, we are there with you every step of the way

The Deposit Guarantee is a FREE service offered strictly to visitors of the Casinoquest website.


For legal and security reasons, this service is ONLY available to residents of the United Kingdom and those who are aged 18 years or over.

  • You must have signed up to the operator via our website or App
  • Provided the operator with your full legal name and correct residential address
  • Deposited on the operator's website using a financial account in your full legal name
  • Not used a VPN or proxy, logged in or deposited from a restricted territory
  • Adhere to the operators general and promotional terms and conditions
  • Have not self-excluded via the operator's web site or have an active GAMSTOP registration
  • Not attempted a charge-back or disputed funds with your financial institution
  • Not used threatening behaviour or strong language against the operator


You can telephone us during office hours or submit your dispute via e-mail on our contact page

Once received, we will liaise with the operator of the disputed website and keep you informed of any progress. We will require your username and in some cases a signed letter giving us authority to act on your behalf. We will never ask for security questions or any financial information.

If after 28 days your dispute remains unresolved and you have followed the essential requirements, we will issue you with a refund up to the maximum amount of £500.


We will personally refund your last deposit up to £500 if any listed operator on our website or App unjustly seizes your funds. You must inform us of any dispute by telephone or e-mail immediately and give us at least 28 days to liaise with the disputed operator before receiving any refund.

Adequate proof of deposit will be required, and a maximum of three claims (total refunds of up to £1500 per person/residential address) are permitted during any rolling 12 month period.

At all times, while this site is operational, £15000 (enough for 30 valid claims of £500) are kept in a separate segregated bank account. A maximum of five claims against each Gambling Commission licensed operator will be considered at any one time based on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) policy. This rule also applies if any licensed operator goes into administration or goes offline for any reason.

All refunds will be paid via cheque or bank transfer to the full name of the casino account holder only. In all cases of our deposit guarantee, the decision of the owner of this site is final.

Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly
Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly

Casinoquest is committed to endorsing responsible gambling among its visitors as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment. Our COVID-19 Policy.

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