If you have decided to stop all forms of online gambling completely, there are several positive steps you can take to manage your addiction.

Under UK law, all online casinos must provide the option of self-exclusion. In most cases, all you have to do is log into your account and enter the 'responsible gambling' section of the operator's website and select the set length of time of your exclusion - usually between 30 days and five years.

Make sure you repeat this process at all websites where you may be tempted to gamble online. Once you have chosen the self-exclusion option, it is irreversible. There will be no way to access your account(s) until expiry.

You should not self-exclude unless you fully understand that you may have linked accounts immediately closed or prevented from signing-up to newly launched operators in future. If you are unsure of this, contact their customer services team via e-mail or live chat.


The UK's national online self-exclusion scheme 'GAMSTOP' allows free registration to those who want to restrict online gambling completely. You can ask to be excluded for six months, one year or five years.

Using GAMSTOP alongside blocking software and seeking support from organisations such as GamCare is an excellent step on the road to recovery from problem gambling

Once the minimum duration period has elapsed, the self-exclusion will remain in place until you return to GAMSTOP to ask for it to be removed and gone through the relevant process. You may be asked for photographic ID and complete telephone verification as part of the removal process.

To register for GAMSTOP, please visit: www.gamstop.co.uk


Various programs can limit your access to online gambling websites. Adding this software to your PC, Mac or mobile device is a great start, but you may find you need additional support.

Most home broadband and mobile phone providers offer parental controls which can be used for the blocking of gambling websites. These free services can be enabled by logging into your provider's web portal or calling customer services.

Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly
Gambling Can Be Addictive • Play Responsibly

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Start to regain control: National Gambling Treatment Service

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